Condo Management Services

Bridge Property Services understands that your Boston condominium is not only your home but also an investment. Our objective is to manage condo buildings through personal contact with unit owners, maintaining monthly fee collections, providing budgeting and project planning as well as expert day-to-day management. Because we specialize in in condos, we are familiar with the nature of buildings that may currently be self-managed and how to offer ease of management, preservation of value, and service as a community bridge.

Administrative Management Services

Bridge Property Services is committed to providing continuous and open communication with our clients. The following is a partial list of administrative services we can execute for your condo association:

  • Board and Condo Owner Communication
    Maintain an ongoing line of communication with all board members throughout the contract period
  • Compliance
    Bridge Property Services, as the property manager, offers guidance to your association for compliance regarding standard condominium reserves, elevator and fire alarm testing and the renewal for master insurance
  • Meetings
    Bridge Property Services, as the property manager, coordinates and attends meetings to discuss property progress and upcoming goals, as well as short- and long-term plans for the property
  • Enforcement of Rules, Regulations and Bylaws
    We assist trustees to enforce condo rules and regulations and make recommendations as the changing market dictates

Financial Management Services

Bridge Property Services prides itself on its accuracy and fastidious attention to detail when it comes to your association’s finances.

  • Collecting Condo Fees
    We are committed to the prompt collection of monthly/quarterly fees, ensuring the financial integrity of your condo association and removing the awkwardness of seeking payments from your direct neighbors if your building is self-managed.
  • Financial reports
    We maintain all banking and financial records which are available and provided to association board members. Such records are crucial to re-sales and refinances for the unit owners and maintaining financial compliance for borrowing standards.
  • Banking
    Owner’s accounts are maintained exclusively at Rockland Trust where we enjoy the perks of private business banking and the many advantages that are provided to our associations. All associations’ funds are kept in individual bank accounts and are segregated funds.
  • Budgeting
    Detailed budgets are prepared each year for the upcoming year and are presented to the board for approval and to make adjustment to monthly fees and determine assessments. Annually, we review reserves and upcoming projects to ensure that the appropriate funds are allocated which will ensure that your association’s short- and long- term goals are met.

Maintenance & Project Management Services

Bridge Property Services offers a trusted and high quality network of vendors, ranging from plumbers and electricians to general maintenance crews.

  • Preventive maintenance
    We inspect your property to determine the general condition and potential problems that may require maintenance and repair. With regular repairs your building will maintain its curb appear, integrity, and avoid the need for assessments.
  • Routine maintenance
    Regular routine maintenance is performed to minimize unnecessary costly repairs.
  • Emergency maintenance telephone hotline
    Bridge Property Services is on-call to manage all emergency issues. Our team responds quickly to find solutions in a timely manner which will minimize damage. We have experienced the dreaded floods, fires, frozen pipes, and power outages.
  • Vendors
    Our network of trustworthy vendors saves you time and ensure consistent superior service. We manage the bid process for all annual contracts with licensed and insured vendors.