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We are committed to transparency. Below we have included answers to questions many of our clients have asked before choosing Bridge. If you would like to know something not covered below or wish to learn about how we can help you, please call 1.617.448.5101 or email us at

I currently do everything myself. Why should I consider using Bridge?

The majority of our clients who are having us manage their buildings and/or home for the first time do so for a couple of reasons. Their living arrangements or lifestyle may make it inconvenient for them manage their property and tenants from afar. Some want the peace of mind that they have someone on call to deal with their trickiest tenant issues. Others want to avoid awkward conversations in dealing with financial and management issues with their neighbors and/or tenants. Regardless of their initial reasons, my clients report that they are glad to be able to transfer the responsibility to someone else.

I already use a property management company. What makes Bridge unique?

The biggest difference between Bridge and other property management companies is that we only profit off of the management fee. We do not provide service in house at a mark-up, but instead we use a trusted network of vendors to serve your needs.

Who will we be working with?

Johnna and her team of trusted vendors will be servicing your building the entire lifetime of your relationship together and she will manage all your projects, tenant issues, and association matters.

What is your fee structure?

We charge a flat rate per unit rather than a percentage of income. The same amount of work is involved whether a unit is a $2,000 unit or a $3,000 unit.

Can you tell me about the vendors you use? Why don't you have vendors in house?

They are the best of the best. They do not work for Bridge so we have no outside incentive to work with them beyond the service they provide our clients. That said, we are constantly vetting the quality of their work.

I have my own vendors. Can I use them?

Yes, we are happy to use vendors that you prefer. That said, for large projects, we will also request bids from 3 vendors and present them to you.

How do you handle large projects?

We manage the entire bid process, seeking up to 3 competitive bids, and present them to the condo association, investor, or landlord for approval. We are paid a set project management fee and do not charge mark-ups nor do we receive referral bonuses on jobs outside of property management.

How do you handle finances?

While Bridge is responsible for all fee and rent collections, condo associations have access to the bank accounts at all times. Additionally, for all services provided, snow shoveling for example, an itemized invoice will be available.

How about tenant/owner issues and disputes?

We focus on what is going to be best for the building and the owner. Addressing disputes and conflicts is part of property management. We are always professional and will never shy away from having a difficult conversation for the sake of our clients’ interest. We know when to call in legal support, such as in cases of evictions and delinquent condo dues.

What do you do when a tenant/owner does not pay?

Bridge is diligent in bill collections. We will send reminders for overdue rent/fees. After a certain time, we will manage the legal process with attorneys.

Does Bridge handle unconventional property management requests?

Yes, for example, Annie has friends whose parents do not frequently clean up after them. We found a reliable dog poo scooping company who now cleans the yard monthly. Our priority to taking care of our clients and that sometimes requires creativity.

My building isn't located in South Boston. Can you still manage it?

We manage properties in Back Bay, South End, Dorchester, and other locations as well. Please contact us to find out.